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The quality of your dental experience depends on several facets, including the expertise of your dentist, your procedural choice, and your comfort level with what is going on around you. If you have difficulty relaxing at the dentist’s office, sedation dentistry might be a good option for you.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

This type of dentistry practice is intended to enable patients to become completely relaxed and at ease during dental procedures. Our sedation dentistry at 5 Corner Dental uses reliable techniques to induce a state of relaxation that minimises stress, anxiety, and fear for the patient.

The dosage varies from one patient to another. Oral sedation provides greater control, feedback from the patient, and quicker release from the office after the procedure than with IV sedation.

Dr. Hakimi is certified in the sedation dentistry procedure.

What Are Some of the Benefits of Receiving Sedation Dentistry in Cloverdale?

One of the most positive facets of undergoing sedation is that the patient is able to receive the dental procedure that is needed, an event that sometimes saves teeth. Sedation takes away the fear and anxiety that keeps a patient from getting the treatment needed to maintain good oral hygiene, restore a tooth, or manage gum disease.

Since most patients remain alert under this type of sedation, Dr. Hakimi can receive answers to any questions they might have. Most patients become relaxed or drowsy; however, some patients do fall asleep. If your level of anxiety is severe, Dr. Hakimi can tailor your sedation level so that you sleep during the entire procedure.

Even though patients might remain awake during their dental procedures, they do not become agitated, upset, or fearful during the process. In fact, it is common for patients to forget most of what has happened during their visit.

Sedation dentistry is affordable and easy. It is also painless since it is administered through the ingestion of one or two pills.

Which Type of Procedures Is Sedation Dentistry Commonly Used for?

At 5 Corner Dental, our professionals utilize this form of dentistry whenever it becomes apparent that it is absolutely necessary. The most obvious procedures typically involve surgeries or lengthy procedures that might give rise to uneasiness and even fear in the patient.

What Type of Patient Makes a Good Candidate for Sedation Dentistry Procedures in Our Cloverdale Dental Office?

Patients who have already experienced any of the following types of issues while at a dentist’s office are likely to be good candidates for the procedure.

  • Traumatic dental experiences
  • Inability or difficulty in getting numb
  • Extreme anxiety or fear when at the dental office
  • Ongoing, extensive or invasive dental problems and treatments
  • Extreme sensitivity of the teeth and gums
  • Severe gag reflex


Our Patient’s Safety Is Our Top Priority

Undergoing sedation dentistry at 5 Corner Dental is safe as long as our patients follow our guidelines. On the day of the appointment, patients must arrive with an empty stomach, having had nothing to drink or eat for at least six hours prior to their arrival. This does not include prescription medication, which should be taken unless advice is given to the contrary. Dr. Hakimi monitors our patients closely, checking breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure.

Questions? Need an Appointment?

If you have questions about sedation dentistry you can or request an appointment online. We look forward to meeting you and your family.