Oral Sedation

At 5 Corner Dental, we understand that visiting the dentist can be a source of anxiety for many. To ensure that all of our patients in Cloverdale, Surrey, BC, and surrounding areas such as Newton and Langley can receive dental care in a calm and relaxed environment, we offer oral sedation options. Dr. Mehrzad Hakimi and our compassionate dental team are committed to making your dental visits as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

What is Oral Sedation?

Oral sedation is a medical approach to manage patient fears and anxiety related to dental procedures. It involves the administration of oral sedative drugs, usually in the form of a pill taken before the appointment, to help patients relax during their dental treatments. This type of sedation is simple, safe, and effective for patients who experience dental anxiety or for those undergoing extensive dental procedures.

Benefits of Oral Sedation

  • Ease Anxiety: Oral sedation helps reduce anxiety, allowing patients to feel calm and relaxed during their dental procedures.
  • Minimal Side Effects: The sedatives used are generally well-tolerated and have minimal side effects, making them a safe option for most patients.
  • No Needles Involved: For those who are afraid of needles, oral sedation is an excellent alternative as it does not involve any injections.
  • Amnesia Effect: Many patients have little to no memory of the treatment after it's completed, which can be beneficial for those with severe dental anxiety.

Who Can Benefit from Oral Sedation?

Oral sedation is suitable for:

  • Patients with Dental Anxiety: Especially those who have had traumatic dental experiences in the past or who suffer from general anxiety disorders.
  • Patients Undergoing Lengthy Procedures: To help them stay comfortable for extended periods.
  • Patients with a Low Pain Threshold: Helps to comfortably undergo dental treatments that might otherwise be very uncomfortable.
  • Patients with Sensitive Gag Reflex: To help manage discomfort during dental work.

What to Expect with Oral Sedation at 5 Corner Dental

  1. Consultation: You'll have a pre-treatment consultation with Dr. Hakimi, where your medical history will be reviewed to ensure oral sedation is safe for you.
  2. Preparation: Instructions will be given on how to prepare for your visit, including when to take the sedative before your appointment.
  3. During the Appointment: Although you’ll be awake and can respond to verbal cues, you'll be in a state of deep relaxation. Your vital signs will be monitored throughout the procedure to ensure your safety.
  4. Recovery: You will need someone to drive you home after your appointment as the sedative effects can linger for a few hours. Full recovery from the sedative generally occurs within 24 hours.

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Our office is conveniently located near family-friendly activities such as the Museum of Surrey and Cloverdale Arena, making it easy for family members to plan a relaxed day around dental appointments.

If you think oral sedation could help you or a loved one during dental treatments, please contact 5 Corner Dental at (604) 574-4000 or visit our office at 5989 168 St #1, Cloverdale, Surrey, BC. Our team is ready to help you achieve your dental health goals in the most comfortable way possible.

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