Conscious Sedation

sedation_oral2You will be given a pill (Halcion) in our office one hour prior to your scheduled dental visit. It is imperative that you have someone drive you to, and from your dental appointment. When it is time for your appointment, you will be awake but feeling very drowsy and relaxed.

During your sedation appointment, your vitals signs will closely be monitored with the latest equipment. Tinted glasses will be used to keep the bright light out of your eyes, and for protection. If you feel cold, you will be covered with a blanket. A small pillow is available for the small of your back. It is our desire that you are fully relaxed and comfortable before, during and after your dental appointment.

There is no analgesic or pain relieving qualities provided by oral sedatives. Local anesthetics will be used to prevent pain. Because you are so relaxed, and because of the use of painless injection techniques, you will probably not remember when your teeth were actually being “numbed”.
When your treatment is completed, your friend or relative will drive you home, where you can climb into bed for a soothing, relaxing nap. When you are fully awake, you will feel comfortable, relaxed and free from stress. You will probably remember very little about your wonderful, relaxing dental experience. You should not operate a motor vehicle for 24 hours after receiving Oral Conscious Sedation.