Gum Recession and Gum Graft Procedure

January 26, 2019

What is gum recession?

Gum recession occurs when the margin of the gum tissue that surrounds the tooth receeds, or lowers, exposing the root of the tooth. When gum recession occurs, supporting tissue and bone structure of the teeth are damaged, and over time can result in tooth mobility and tooth loss due to lack of supporting gum and bone.  

What can you do about gum recession?

A gum graft is a type of dental surgery performed to correct the effects of gum recession. The goal of the surgery is to build the gum back up where it has receded to protect the exposed tooth from damage and repair any damage already done.  

Gum Graft Procedure

There is a variety of gum grafts available, and the type of surgery undertaken depends on the extent and severity of damage and the individual needs. A consult exam is required to discuss the different types of surgery available to decide which option is the most suitable. Once the patient and dentist have considered all the options and decided on the type of surgery, there is not much tha

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