Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Your smile is crucial because teeth are naturally one of the first things people observe when meeting for the first time. If you have a white teeth, you are carefree and you do not limit how much you smile.
A beautiful smile should be white and bright. It should attract people’s attention and be appreciated. It makes a memorable impression and it also makes one feel better about himself or herself. Your teeth can be stained or darkened according to your lifestyle. What we eat or drink affects the coloration of our teeth. Some of the beverages we drink that can lead to teeth darkening or staining are tea, coffee, red wine and sodas to name a few.
The discoloured teeth can be whitened in many ways at home. One of them is the use of teeth whitening strips. These strips have the ability to clean and abrade the layers of tartar and plaque on your teeth. Plaques can become very hard to remove because in time it affixes itself to the teeth. A good teeth whitening product can eliminate all these stains and plaques.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

Stains found on the teeth may be of two major types: extrinsic or intrinsic. The Extrinsic stains usually appear at the surface of the teeth while intrinsic stains are found at the microcracks in the enamel and within the layer of the tooth below the enamel. Some of the extrinsic stains that appear on the tooth may be removed by mouth rinses and whitening toothpaste but some stubborn extrinsic stains can only be removed by teeth whitening agents. Hidden intrinsic stains on the teeth that may cause discoloration can also be removed by whitening agents.
The active whitening ingredient like the hydrogen peroxide or the carbamide peroxide found in Opalescence gels helps to get to the discoloured molecules by penetrating through the enamel. The discoloured molecules react with oxygen molecules in the whitening ingredient causing the bonds holding them together to break. The entire teeth become whitened after the application of the whitening ingredient. This gives you a whiter and brighter smile.
Why should you choose professional whitening over other over-the-counter products?
To get the whitening result that you want, you should first consult with your dentist. Your dentist is an expert in the field of oral health and he or she is responsible for giving you the required recommendation you need in terms of what teeth whitening products really work.

Opalescence Has Options to Fit Any Lifestyle

Opalescence strives to create a better lifestyle for you with their broad range of professional products that give effective results. Opalescence can help you brighten your smile on the go, at night in the comfort of a custom tray, or during a treatment at a dental clinic.
Learn how to start the using Opalescence to whiten your teeth or talk to your dentist about its proper use.